Blues Soloing for Guitar Volumes 1 & 2 

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Discover How You Can Play Smokin' Blues Guitar In the Styles of Blues Guitar Legends with this Awesome New Book Series and Video Course!

  • Get the techniques, theory and knowledge every guitar player needs to play authentic blues solos in the styles of the legends of blues guitar
  • Solo studies in the styles of BB King, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Albert King, T-Bone Walker, Freddie King, Billy Gibbons, Gary Moore and other blues greats
  • Discover 'must know' blues techniques and tools like string bending, vibrato and blues curls, pentatonic and blues scales, 'sliding' scale patterns, the 12 bar blues, the minor blues and more
  • Build an authentic blues soloing style by studying classic blues licks, funky double stops, 'twangy' open string soloing, high energy repeating blues licks, playing over chord changes for a more 'jazzy' sound, Chicago and Texas blues and more...
  • What works best for you? With detailed guitar tab and notation, chord and scale diagrams, written explanations, free downloadable blues backing tracks, video lessons and audio demonstrations you can use this course in a number of different ways. Choose what works best for your learning style!

Blues Soloing for Guitar Vol.1 - Blues Basics

  • Discover the essential blues knowledge and practical skills you need to start playing blues right away (the 12 bar blues, minor pentatonic and blues scale shapes, 'sliding scales' plus when and how to use them to get great blues sounds)
  • 5 authentic solo studies packed full of killer blues licks and phrases in the styles of Eric Clapton, Billy Gibbons, Albert King, Freddie King, Otis Rush and other blues legends
  • Nail important blues techniques like string bending, vibrato, blues curls and more. 'No nonsense' explanations and video lessons and demonstrations help you get it right...right away!
  • Lick-by-lick breakdowns for each solo give you what you need to get each lick and each solo sounding polished and 'bluesy' and avoid the common pitfalls which can hold you up
  • Perfect for the beginner blues player looking to get the solid understanding and technical foundation needed to play blues well and intermediate players looking to brush up their essential skills and fill gaps in their knowledge
  • Use my proven 'Blues Power Moves' method to start playing and improvising blues solos of your own (so that you can hit that local blues jam session with confidence!)
  • Don't just read it! See and hear all the important concepts and techniques, plus all 5 solos demonstrated up close with the accompanying free video lessons
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Blues Soloing for Guitar Vol.2 - Levelling Up!

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  • This book carries on where Vol.1 left off! Discover more advanced blues techniques and concepts like the minor blues, 'twangy' open string scales and licks, 'playing over the changes', mixing minor and major pentatonics, 'high energy' blues licks and much more to take your blues playing to the next level!
  • 5 wicked solo studies in the styles of BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Albert King, T-Bone Walker and other blues guitar greats
  • Build your soloing vocabulary, playing technique, speed and fluency with more advanced licks and concepts to use in your solos
  • Lick-by-lick breakdowns for each solo demonstrate the concepts and techniques being used and help you to avoid the common mistakes many intermediate blues players make
  • Perfect as a continuation on from Vol. 1 Blues Basics or for any intermediate to advanced blues player looking to easily incorporate new concepts, licks and ideas into their playing
  • 'Blues Power Moves': continue to use my proven method to expand your soloing vocabulary for more diverse and exciting blues solos of your own and hit it 'out of the park' at your local blues jam session!
  • Don't just read it! See and hear all the important concepts and techniques, plus all 5 solos demonstrated up close at fast and slow speeds with the accompanying free video lessons
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